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investment approach

Our hands-on operational approach, combined with strategic third-party resources, jointly help to benefit a business and position it for sale as a market-leading company in its field.  We are active partners.  You can rely on us to be fair, provide guidance when things are going well and to get involved when times are less certain.

Alco Manufacturing Corporation

Alco Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturer of high tolerance precision components for the industrial and consumer end markets.  Alco manufactures steel, aluminum and brass products, including hydraulic connectors, garden hose connectors, plumbing cartridges, natural gas fittings and quick connect devices, among others.

  • Investment Date: July 2018
  • Industry: Industrial, Precision Machining
  • Headquarters: Elyria, Ohio
  • Footprint: 5 facilities across Ohio, Michigan and Illinois
  • Revenue: ~$100 million
  • Website: https://alco.com